4 o’clock, the inspiration for this eyewear range, is drinks time at the Peter Coombs studio. It is the time of the day when a moment is set aside to reflect on the day, to consider the path travelled and to acknowledge small wins with partners. Sometimes the chosen drink is Champagne and other times it is Gin, Tequila, Shiraz or Malt. Each frame in this collection has been named after these savoured tipples. Marrying classic styles with classic drinks brings old favourites forward into a new time.

4 O'Clock takes frame construction design in a unique and intriguing direction. An evolution of my signature Sterling Silver hinges are again a core element of the frame designs while the faces and temples are cut from a single piece of flat Titanium with folds and twists applied in ways that are relatively unseen in eyewear production.

My mission is and has always been to surprise, delight and connect with people through their journey of discovering remarkable eyewear. Put on these frames and they will make you happy, just like when it’s 4 o'clock drinks.

Rebecca Coombs
Ph: 08 8365 5640